Our Purpose

We believe there are few things more important than books, and we take great pride in making them. They educate, inform, enlighten, and entertain in ways that no other device can replicate.


Gasch’s Beginnings

Gasch Printing was founded in 1982 by Doug B. Gasch, the father of our current president and owner, Douglas E. Gasch. The elder Doug had recently been laid off from his job as foreman at a large printing company in Maryland, and to make ends meet, he started printing letterhead and envelopes on a small offset press in his basement.

His passion was printing, and his original goal was simply to make a nice living doing what he loved. But word of his quality workmanship spread, and the business soon grew too big for the family home, forcing a move to larger quarters nearby. This turned out to be the first of three relocations in search of more space before arriving at our current location in Odenton, MD in 2006.

That year was a pivotal year for Gasch because it marked the company’s strategic shift to making books as an all-digital printer. Young Doug, who had joined the company in 1997 and taken the helm in 2002, saw a need in the book market for small, economical print-runs that the larger offset printers could not deliver. With that in mind, and not being weighed down by a fleet of offset equipment, Doug went all-in on building a digital-printing platform that would produce low quantities of high-quality books at an affordable price.

It did not take long for Gasch Printing to realize that vision and become an indispensable supply chain partner to publishers across the country, helping them to reduce inventory expense, respond to fluctuations in demand, and deliver beautiful books to their readers. Along the way, Gasch earned a strong reputation for reliability and service that everyone who has ever worked at the company is proud to be associated with.

Operating Philosophy

  • Build and support a positive culture
  • Everyone is to be treated with respect; no person is above the rest
  • Hire good, smart people. Find a role in which they can add value, and give them room to succeed
  • Do whatever it takes to make the customer happy

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