Educational booklets, directories, and promotional materials are an integral component of any professional trade association looking to enlist new members and maintain the numbers they already have. Quality book printing for associations makes these invaluable tools possible while offering many different features and benefits, including:

  • Small runs: Book printing for associations is easily and efficiently scaled to fit virtually any need or audience, with runs as low as 25 to as high as 2,500 possible.
  • Exemplary color quality: High-quality one-color or four-color printing ensures a crisp, clean presentation with every project you distribute to your colleagues.
  • Dynamic binding: From simple three-hole drill, coil, or saddle stitch binding for basic conference materials to more versatile and aesthetically pleasing perfect binding (or even hardcover) options that make your educational materials and directories stand out, book printing for associations delivers the variety and flexibility an association needs to connect with new and existing members.
  • Swift turnaround: Don’t keep your members or prospects waiting. By leveraging digital technology and presses, book printing for associations ensures your reading material is ready in a matter of days, not weeks.
  • Personalized print material: Add a personalized touch using variable data printing. For example, membership directories can be printed as unique copies showing the individual member’s name on the front cover.

Additionally, the directories made possible through book printing for associations help to boost and maintain your association’s numbers in several different ways.

  1. Promotion: Printed directories serve as an excellent format to foster strong recruitment. They are not only phenomenal ways to share the benefits of association membership but can also serve as a spotlight for accolades and other accomplishments, as well as articles, human interest stories, calendar events, and profiles of new and existing members.
  2. Proceeds: Most trade association directories are also advertising vehicles for services their members may deem useful. Revenue from such ads can be used for any number of needs, from covering the cost of printing or reinvesting in fund-raising campaigns.
  3. Professionalism: Quality book printing for associations is simply a good way to show prospects and existing members what you’re capable of. Professionally printed booklets and promotional materials demonstrate that your association puts its best foot forward in every aspect of its operation.

Do you need books printed for your next trade conference or seminar? Are you launching a new campaign to educate members? Gasch’s book printing for associations specializes in high-quality one-color and four-color books and a variety of binding styles. Our services can be custom-tailored to your supply-chain solution to minimize storage costs, eliminate waste, and deliver exemplary trade association materials when and where you need them. Contact our team today to learn more.