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Self Publishing

It is now easier than ever to become a published author. No longer do you need to pitch your book to a publishing company and become dependent on them to make your hard work a reality. You can self publish your book. Take destiny into your own hands, become your own boss, and keep the profits of your hard work for yourself. With the rise of social media and the advances in digital printing, it is now cheaper than ever to get your prized work in the hands of consumers. Gone are the days when you needed to print 1000 books or more just to be able to get your unit cost at a point where you can sell for a decent profit. The advances of digital printing have changed all that and you can now print whatever quantity you want.

Choosing The Right Print Partner

Choosing the right partner to print your books is a critical step in the process. Ultimately this step can make or break your success. But as you will quickly learn when doing a quick Google search, there are hundreds of so called “Book Printers”, so how do you choose? Hint: don’t base this important decision all on price. While price is an important piece to consider. Many people who have been through this process before will argue that there are many
more important factors to consider, than the final cost to print a book.

Find A Partner, Not A Provider

There is a big difference between a provider who simply produces a product and finding a partner who is willing to go the extra mile and work with you on a one-on-one basis while still producing an exceptional product. On the internet you can find all kinds of providers, many of them offering prices that are hard to resist. But, what you will also find is that many of them are cheap for a reason. If you have trouble setting up your file, or need help with
something, good luck being able to actually talk to a person about your project, as most of these operations are hands off and offer little or no actual customer service.

The other major consideration is the quality of the printing and binding of your book. This is crucial, and you will quickly realize that all books are not created equally.

Partner With Gasch Printing

Gasch Printing is a family owned and operated printer that specializes in book printing, and working with self-publishers on a personal level. You will always be able to talk with someone about your book, and we are here to guide you through the process in any way we can. Your book will be taken through the same process and printed on the same machines that we use to print books for major publishing companies. There is no reason to sacrifice quality or service for a great price, as we will deliver all 3. If you need help designing your cover, or need assistance with turning your manuscript into a professional book layout, we can also help with that.

Look no further, Gasch Printing is here to partner with you on making your book a success.

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