Children’s books are fun, engaging, and will shape a child’s learning for years to come. Gasch Printing has years of experience printing and binding both children’s books and young adult books. We recognize the work that goes into this special type of book and the need for a high level of service to help bring your book to life.

Like Every Story, Every Book is Different!

We understand that there is no one right size or layout for a children’s book. Like every story, every book is different! We offer a host of options to enable you to create just the right book to tell your story:

  • One-color and four-color text with vibrant color palates
  • A variety of paper choices—uncoated, matte and gloss coated
  • Four-color covers with matte, gloss, and soft-touch lamination
  • Hardcover and softcover binding
  • Portrait and oblong format
  • A wide range of trim-sizes
childrens book printing

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