What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a printer for children’s book printing?

Deborah: I would have to say personalized service combined with high quality of [color] book printing. Without any hesitation, I know that the Gasch team is there for us; my publisher, Steve White from Protective Hands Communications, as well as myself, every step of the way. Book making is a process, from the PDF proofs to the end result. Holding that wonderful story in your hands as a book itself, through that process team Gasch really makes that happen and that dream come true.
Personally with the team, Cindy is there for any questions regarding billing and shipping prices of the books. Jeremy is also available. He picks up the phone. He’s there for you during the printing process, detailing the exact date when the books will be shipped. Again, I would have to say it’s the commitment to the personalized service, without sacrificing any quality of the product, the end result, that sets the Gasch team apart from all the rest.

How did Gasch printing stand out among other companies when you were shopping around for short run full color book printing?

DB: Actually, Gasch came recommended to me from one of my illustrators, Matt Lumsden. He’s done several of my books, illustrated my books. So Matt is truly an artist that stands apart from the rest. If you can write a book and also illustrate it, to me that’s the ultimate.
With that, Mr. Lumsden shared that he has done business with the Gasch team, which was a dream team to work with, and their production staff stood out from all the rest. From binding to color to expenses and through production, he chose no other book printers to work with.

What did it feel like to see your children’s book printed for the very first time?

DB: When you have your children’s book printed for the very first time, the heavy boxes arrive and they have Gasch all over them. Usually I meet Mr. White of Protective Hands Communication, and we do that jointly. He’s standing there with the sliced box open, holding the book before the author. I get choked up like a grapefruit in my throat, because through the production and now the book has arrived; it’s like Christmas when I was a child. Opening that box, decorated colorful packages with ribbons, I get to relive my childhood with the quality print when that book is delivered. I just can’t thank Gasch enough.
Seriously, team Gasch is a true team. There’s no other comparison, where you can [call them] and they’re going to get the phone and be there for you through every step of the process. So that’s what makes them stand apart from the rest, their quality, customer service, and their end result, which is holding that book that makes the dream come true.

Deborah can be contacted at dburgg.com. Her children’s books are available for purchase on her website, or through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.