Digital book printing customization makes publishing easier, more cost-effective, and more dynamic overall.

Consider this: with traditional offset printing, ink is applied to paper using etched metal plates (one plate per color). Before this can happen, the press must be prepped by running on scrap paper, allowing the plates to be sufficiently inked. These prep sheets are ultimately thrown away. It’s time consuming and kind of wasteful.

Digital book printing, however, transfers data from a computer file to a high-volume inkjet or laser printer. The result offers myriad benefits to the author, publisher, or artist, and has quickly become the trending choice for most contemporary projects, from marketing materials to hardcover novels.

Put simply, digital book printing offers:

  • Consistency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Rapid turnaround with no time-consuming pre-press
  • High detail and uniform quality

But that’s not all. Digital book printing customization offers benefits that would be impossible using offset processes.

  • Simple and efficient edits: With digital book printing, making updates, changes, and edits within a single print job is easier than ever before. Change dates, locations, and other critical information on the fly, or create multiple versions of the same project.
  • Personalization: Digital printing allows authors and publishers to include a tribute page in a family genealogy or even personalize a children’s book to include the name of the reader.
  • Optimized creativity: Thanks to modern digital color presses, the options are virtually endless when it comes to color selection. Work with an expansive palette and even print upon synthetic materials. Digital printing ensures that the final product matches the proof in every way.

Gasch Printing’s high-capacity digital web capabilities pair the high-volume speed of offset printing with the ease, affordability, and expanded possibilities of the digital world. Our presses are capable of printing more than 3,500 pages a minute with dazzling and consistent full color production, and can accommodate a wide range of paper stocks, including gloss and satin. Our finishing services – from foil stamping to multiple binding options – are completed in-house. Better yet, digital book printing customization allows you to create as many copies as you need and refresh stock in a snap. Contact us for a quote and get started.