The death of print has been largely, almost entirely exaggerated. Many readers – young and old, scholars and pop-culture enthusiasts – prefer the printed experience over reading on a screen. And digital book printing technology makes flipping through the pages all the more enticing.

Digital book printing allows businesses, organizations, and authors to print only the books they need, when they need them. This method implements state-of-the-art digital printing equipment to produce high quality, fully customizable books that optimize budgets, eliminate waste, and captivate your audience.

Here are just three other ways digital book printing technology delivers an optimal reading experience:

  1. It may very well be easier on the eyes – and the brain: You read that correctly (no matter where you happen to be doing so). We’re not making any broad assumptions, here, but many experts believe focusing on pixelated text may be harder on our eyes than the printed word. Studies are also increasingly showing that reading online or from an e-reader may contribute to a drop in comprehension. Not only that, but numerous studies have shown that individuals who are consistently exposed to a light-emitting device (choose your passion – e-reader, laptop, smartphone, tablet) experience a delay in their circadian clock, which impacts melatonin production and wreaks havoc on your sleep schedule. Not so with those who read print. Top-of-the-line digital book printing technology delivers exemplary color consistency, sharper image and text, and a more well-rounded reading experience overall.
  2. It’s a wholly unique, tactile experience: The Internet is a phenomenal tool. But for many literature enthusiasts, there’s still nothing quite like holding a professionally bound book in one’s hands, where the only sound is the crisp turn of a page or the bend of leather binding, not an impassionate beep or button click. There’s even a distinguishable smell associated with reading a freshly printed book – or a well-worn digest – that is not remotely available on an LCD monitor. Digital book printing technology makes the physical experience of reading possible with features like film laminated covers, hinge scoring that allows your book to open wide, lie flat, and flip easily, coated paper stocks that make copy and illustration leap from the page, and flexible adhesive PUR glue that holds everything together beautifully.
  3. Books are immensely shareable: Loaning a good friend a favorite book, visiting the local library to check out one, or two, or 20, and leaving a cherished tome in an airport lobby or a booth at the greasy spoon diner for someone to stumble upon – none of that is possible with your smartphone or e-reader.

Gasch Printing is constantly innovating and investing in digital book printing technology and equipment that makes high-quality, hard and softcover, physical books possible at an affordable price. Our skilled team is committed to crafting an end product that you will be proud of, and that your readers will enjoy for years to come.