Quality Book Printing: We Know What a Good Book Looks Like

At Gasch, we understand that quality book printing is a symbiotic blend of art and technology; craft and automation; passion and efficiency. If a printer tilts too far in any one direction, the finished product is either poorly made, unsightly, or too costly. But, if you equip a team of dedicated bookmakers with the right tools, they will consistently create beautiful books that stand the test of time.

Our meticulous attention to detail and exacting quality checkpoints provide peace of mind that your book is in good hands, while our continued investment in top-of-the-line printing technology provides enhanced color consistency, astounding image quality, and quicker turnaround times at an affordable price.

The Difference is in the Details

Quality enhancements are offered at no extra cost with every project

quality book printing

Laminate On All Covers.

Film lamination provides a high level of protection to your covers and is more durable than aqueous or UV coating.

Hinge Scores Available For All Hardcover And Paperback Books.

Hinge scoring allows your book to open more easily, lie flatter, and takes the pressure off the spine.

PUR Glue.

The chemical properties of PUR glue create a stronger more flexible adhesion along the spine of the book, particularly with coated papers, which is why PUR is the standard adhesive in our binding process.

Quality Book Printing Checkpoints

A preflight check verifies that files are set up to maximize quality.
Staff members review printed pages as they come off the press.
Printed covers are thoroughly examined throughout the print run to ensure color consistency.
During the binding stage, completed books are inspected to ensure they not only look great, but will also last a long time.
Post bind audit of your completed order to ensure your books are exactly what you requested.

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