The holiday season is upon us once again. As family get-togethers, office parties, and other gift exchanges approach, the debate of what to get the person who has everything always arises.

Books are always a big seller this time of year, but with so many options and titles to choose from, and no concrete knowledge of what the recipient has already read (or started to read and then tossed), holiday hurdles abound.

However, a personalized, digitally printed book is an impressive gift that is sure to be a hit with anyone and everyone on your list.

Whether it’s a cookbook filled with treasured family recipes or a custom photo album chronicling a recent vacation or trip, the possibilities are practically endless.

And when collaborating with a professional digital book printer, you can rest assured that the final result will astound and delight once the wrapping paper hits the floor.

At Gasch Printing, our team employs state-of-the-art tools to ensure your custom project is polished, pristine, and ready to elicit gasps of joy and cheer.

We’re here to help every haggard gift-giver throughout the process. With our team on your side, you will have the tools and the talent at your disposal to be:

  • As creative as you want to be: Gasch’s modern digital color presses offer practically every color of the rainbow. That means the sky’s the limit when it comes to color selection and eliminates any worries of the final product not syncing with your initial proof. Not only that but your book can even be printed on synthetic materials.
  • Accurate and efficient: Need a name change or number tweaked? No worries. Your digitally printed book can be edited and updated at virtually any time in the process. At Gasch, we’ve got you covered. You can even create multiple versions of the same project.
  • A gift-giving showoff: When you design a digitally printed book with Gasch, you can leverage variable data printing to create multiple unique copies showcasing each recipient’s name on the front cover.

Your holiday shopping is practically finished. Gasch Printing’s state-of-the-art presses are capable of printing more than 3,500 pages a minute with dazzling and consistent full-color production on a variety of paper stocks, including gloss and satin. Multiple binding options and foil stamping finishing services are completed in-house, and you can create as many copies of your digitally printed book as needed, then refresh your stock in no time flat.

Ready to get started? All you need is a print-ready PDF uploaded to our website. Questions? Our team can walk you through the process. Contact us today to learn more.