eBook Formatting Service

For publishers who publish both print and digital versions of their titles, Gasch can manage the conversion of your print-ready files to an eBook format with our eBook formatting service. There are no extra steps and no additional work for you. When you send your file to us for printing, we will have it converted to one or more eBook formats–Mobipocket, ebook PDF, and ePub—at a simple per-page pricing structure.

Gasch Printing also offers the ability to upload books to our browser-based e-reader for a very small flat fee. This browser-based e-reader is perfect for more interactive content which can include videos and animations and is ideal for interactive magazines or marketing brochures.

An Easy, Simple eBook Formatting Service Process

Let Gasch upload your books today, and you will have them accessible online anywhere you go.

ebook formatting service

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