The digital age has been wonderful to the writing community, countless resources are available from a wide variety of providers. However, sometimes less is more. If you are an aspiring self-publisher, or if you’ve done it already and want to try again, download our whitepaper An Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing. It’s simplicity and focus will help you cut down on the clutter, and focus on what is important: Printing your book.

If you have been networking with other authors or doing research about the self-publishing process, you know that submitting your book for print can be an overwhelming process. Items such as designing the cover, getting your manuscript into the right format, hiring a proofreader/editor, all come into play. Questions about cost are common as well, and there is a broad spectrum of pricing within the book printing industry. Our whitepaper will give you insider tips that only experienced authors and publishers know about, as well as a sense of relief that the process does not have to be difficult.

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