When it comes time to printing a booklet or catalog, a directory or instruction manual, or even a first-time novel, businesses and individuals often have an important question on their minds. “Is offset printing cheaper?” Getting to the correct answer merits a more detailed look, particularly given the dynamic landscape of today’s printing industry.

While offset printing has been a stalwart for decades, digital printing has emerged as a good alternative, particularly when fewer than 2,500 copies are needed.

Is Offset Printing Cheaper?

Offset printing is more cost-effective on a unit-cost basis when 2,500 or more copies are needed. If you require fewer than that number, digital printing will save you money.

Here’s why:

  • Easier setup: Every offset print job requires a unique set of aluminum plates, that are costly, not reusable, and require time-consuming make-readies. Digital printing, on the other hand, doesn’t require plates of any kind, thus eliminating the time and costs associated with their creation.
  • Increased flexibility: Making last-minute changes in offset is not only difficult, but also very costly due to the dependency on physical plates. When you use a digital printing press, alterations are simple and can be made right up until the last minute without incurring higher costs.
  • Zero waste: The offset printing process also generates a fair amount of make-ready waste that must be tossed out (printed material that is created while the printing press is being calibrated) –and plenty of related ancillary costs that go unseen. Digital presses, on the other hand, produce good image quality from the start.
  • Limited obsolescence: Publishers often print many more books than they can sell when they opt for offset printing. Digital printing enables you to print what you need when you need it.

Why Digital Printing Triumphs Economically and Efficiently

With no plates to produce, digital book printing jobs can be started immediately, offering quicker delivery times and consistent quality. At Gasch Printing, for example, your first print is every bit as spectacular as the last, with no warm-up time or wasted prints.

From a holistic view, while offset has its merits for specific, large-volume projects, the modern needs of most businesses and individuals align closely with the advantages offered by digital printing. And when you take a closer look at that all-important question, “Is offset printing cheaper?” – the real answer is in the comprehensive value, both in terms of time and money.

Considering the switch to digital or have book printing needs that demand quality, efficiency, and value? Contact Gasch Printing today to get a free quote.