Releasing a Printed Book in eBook Format: A Guide for Self-Publishers

You might be asking yourself, how easy is it to self-publish an eBook? Well here are some answers for you.

Q: Once a self-published author prints a book, how easy is it to self-publish an eBook? What does that process look like with your book printing company?

A: When an author sends us a file for book printing, usually they send us a PDF of the cover and the text. We can easily take those same PDF files and convert them into whatever eBook format they are looking for.

Q: If an author is publishing both a printed book and an eBook at the same time; how many books should the author print?

A: The beauty of using a company who specializes in digital printing is that you can do short run printing in whatever quantity you need to fit your budget. There isn’t any pressure to print a mass quantity with a book printing company who specializes in short runs; it’s our specialty. Another benefit is the author’s ability to re-order; book printing companies keep all files, so it’s easy to place an additional order in the future.

Q: Is it easy to place a re-order with a book printing company? How easy is that process through Gasch Printing?

A: Anytime we print something for a customer, we always keep those files on hand. So if you come back to me in a week or if you come to me in a year or two years, those files are always kept on hand for easy access for reprinting. Most book printing companies should have a similar process in place, but it’s good to ask. At Gasch Printing, you’re welcome to make changes to those files if you want but if you are just looking for a straight re-print, all you have to do is notify us of the quantity that you are looking to do and it can be reprinted; the process is seamless.

Q: What if someone has printed a book with Gasch Printing, and then two years down the road they decide that they do want to release it in an eBook format. Is that pretty much the same process as a reorder? How does that process work?

A: Yes, Gasch Printing can use those same files for the conversion. Usually, takes about a week or two or so depending on the style of book and the layout of the book to convert it into the proper eBook format. All they need to do is notify and we can do all that work.

Additional information on eBook publishing:

Self-publishing authors in the eBook space often wonder; should they sell their book on Amazon or on Apple’s platform, the iBookstore? When you start to research which platform sells more eBooks, it appears that Amazon’s Kindle is #1. However, many of the blogs that cite this information are from 2010 & 2011; when the iBookstore was relatively new and the iPad was not as popular. In 2013, the Apple’s new operating system added the iBookstore to its desktop model, broadening the potential audience for readership. If you are seriously considering the iBookstore, keep in mind, there is a Kindle App for the iPad. If you are a self-publishing eBook author, you’ll want to educate yourself on both Kindle’s and Apple’s exclusivity clauses before committing to publishing with them. Choosing the right avenue to ensure a high volume of sales is important, but educating yourself on the exclusive vs. non-exclusive terms is the first critical step toward self-publishing your eBook.