In the days before books went digital, most budding writers were led to believe that any kind of self-publishing through the “vanity presses” was not so much a triumph as a public acceptance of failure. The recent success stories of self-published authors has caused me to reflect on the veracity of my old beliefs.

There is nothing more disheartening to the budding writer than that letter through the post, or the email in your Inbox, that is just another thanks but no thanks from a publisher who can’t find a home for your work at the moment. All of your hard work is being given back to you, unfit for human consumption, and it is only the thickest of skins that can take too much of this punishment.

This process led to thousands of amazing books being left on a shelf never to be read, but the new digital world is starting to convince me that this need never happen again. E-books, Kindle, and the amazing number print to stock printing companies are looking to help out those whose stories deserve to be seen by the world. All of these forces are working towards creating a new world where even one of the world’s most respected playwrights, David Mamet, has decided that the DIY route is in fact one that has merit.

No longer do writers need to feel as though they have to prove themselves before they offer up their book to the world. Self-publishing services are fast, cheap, and professional, and the simplicity in which they can be distributed through Amazon and Kindle means that there is an instant market just waiting to see what you can offer. Short run book printing can give your self-published e-book an exposure boost, and most book printing companies will prepare your file to submit for e-publishing.

Some will still complain that this is not the true route for the real writer to follow, but their voices will soon be heard less and less, and my voice is certainly no longer at one with theirs. It is time to write.

Guest post by Alisha Webb. Alisha is a British writer working out of Barcelona. Her short fiction, poetry and book reviews on behalf of Lovereading have been published extensively online. Would you like a quote on starting your next project? Request a quote with Gasch Printing.