The last few words have been written, the self-satisfied author’s glow is lingering, and now all that is left is to choose a printing service to finally realize your lifelong dream. You’ve heard short-run book printing is the wave of the future and the way to go to save yourself stress, savings, and waste. But you’re still not sure how to move forward.

Here are three short tips to ensure short-run printing success.

  1. Take pride in your work: Whatever your book may be – a first-time novel or a comprehensive business directory, you’ve spent time and effort creating that document. And now it’s time to see it in print. Short-run printing makes it possible to have a dynamic finished product with exquisite binding, breathtaking colors, and a glossy finish that catches the eye. To that end, high-quality tools are a must. Find a professional printer that offers continuous feed inkjet and toner presses that can produce high-quality one and four-color books in whatever quantity you need.
  2. Dress for success. In other words, if customization is possible – make the most of it. True short-run book printing professionals will offer the full selection of enhancements at no extra cost, from durable film laminated covers to hinge scores for hard and softcover books, to optimal spine reinforcement using the golden standard in adhesives – PUR glue.
  3. Partner with a professional: When interviewing prospects for your short-run printing job, don’t settle for the first or the cheapest that you run across. Instead, find a collaborator who shares your passion for print. Technology is one thing, and a very important one at that, but anyone with a few (hundred thousand) dollars and sufficient real estate to spare can purchase a press and charge a premium. Don’t be swayed. Look for a printer that has been in the business for decades and offers optimal customization paired with a quick turnaround.

Gasch Printing specializes in digital short-run printing, which eliminates the hassle and time drains associated with traditional offset printing. Quality checkpoints, including a comprehensive preflight check, make certain your file is optimized for quality output. Our high-volume printers then get to work, taking your book’s data and yielding a finished project in days, not weeks. Completed books are inspected by our trained staff to ensure they look beautiful and last a long time. Learn more. Contact our team today to learn more about our short-run printing services.