The publishing game has changed. Gone are the days of being on the hook for tens of thousands of copies of your literary debut with no option to modify in response to reviews or customer demand. Small quantity book production is the route that many are choosing now.

Digital printing technology has made taking a chance on a dream more accessible. Small quantity book production offers a more agreeable middle ground, where shorter runs can be produced on a modest budget, while still taking advantage of myriad styles and materials – from foil stamped hardcovers to hinge scoring, and so much more.

Here are just four reasons that new authors are gravitating toward small quantity book production.

  1. Availability: Budding authors benefit from having a small stock of books on hand to draw from in the event of an impromptu review or sale opportunity. You never know when you might run across an avid reader with ties to the industry – or even just a spare $20 in their pocket.
  2. Customization: Small quantity book production can be custom-tailored to an author’s needs. Use this opportunity to upgrade the paper stock or refresh your cover design, or even scale down quality when printing copies to mail out for review.
  3. Storage: Large print runs can be a gamble for new authors, who can be left with hundreds if not thousands of books stored in their closets and garages if sales are slow. Small quantity book production ensures you have what you need on hand, with the ability to replenish stock at any time
  4. Speed: Setup and delivery times for digitally printed small runs are typically much faster than with offset printing presses, which means you – and your readers – have your book in hand as soon as possible.

Gasch Printing leverages state-of-the-art digital printers to provide small quantity book production that is second to none. Quality checkpoints ensure that quality is maximized with a preflight check, while team members review every printed page as it comes off the press. Discover the difference. Contact us for a quote today.