Perfect bound and case bound book printing options are the most common binding methods for books you will see. Both offer a professional appearance, versatility, and durability.

Perhaps the biggest similarity between perfect bound and case bound book printing is that neither allows a book to lay completely flat when opened. But there are some important differences – those that may not be so open and shut for first-timers – that authors and publishers should consider.

Case-bound books are more commonly called hardcovers. They’re the crème de la crème of the book printing world, and with good reason. Durability and elegance combine to offer an impressive showcase for high-end novels, children’s books, and other prose, and case bound book printing can be customized in various ways.

  • Cloth or leatherette case materials in various colors
  • Protective dust jackets with flaps
  • Foil stamping
  • A gloss or matte laminate finish
  • Portrait or landscape formats

One way of making hardcover books is to sew together the separate sections of the books (groups of pages called signatures) to form an interior block that is referred to as a “book block.” At Gasch, we forego the sewing process and use a flexible and durable adhesive called PUR glue to securely bind the pages together. The book blocks are then glued into the hardcover (or case). The case, itself, consists of your book’s front and back covers, along with its spine, printed on a sheet that is then folded and fitted around three custom-cut pieces of board. It’s an intricate process that lends heft and sturdiness to the end product.

Unlike case bound book printing, perfect-bound books utilize a softcover, typically a heavier paper stock—10 PT and 12 PT C1S (coated one side) material are the standard options– that is glued to the spine of the book block.

Both aesthetically and similarly high in quality to case bound book printing, perfect binding is always more economical – from assembly to shipping and beyond. For this reason, perfect bound book printing is a popular option for trade publications, journals, catalogs, self-published novels, and so much more.

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