You have labored long and hard to write your book. The proofed copy of the manuscript is now literally in your hands. It is time to take the project to the level that makes it real: the book printers.

If you are entering the world of publishing, taking on the risks, challenges, and rewards of creating the physical book, the next step is where the magic happens: printing your book! An important part of the process of bringing your book to market is distinguishing between two printing options: offset book printing and digital book printing. “What is an offset print book?”

Offset book printing works by burning the image onto a plate, then offsetting it to a rubber blanket, then onto the printing surface. Advantages? You can print onto a wide range of surfaces, and it utilizes the Pantone® Matching System. The downside is that offset book printing often has a longer turnaround and is more expensive to set up, so that for short print runs, the cost per unit is higher than digital printing.

Digital printing is the most popular method for short run book printing, and print on demand digital publishing. It works by transferring data from a computer file to a large-format or high-volume inkjet or laser printer. Digital printing has many advantages for the author, editor, publisher, or artist, and is the logical choice for modern projects, including hardcover, perfect bound printing projects, and marketing materials. A talk with a small sample of experts in the publishing industry, and you will quickly learn the trend is towards digital printing. For the author/artist/publisher, the setup costs associated with digital printing provide lower per unit costs for small & large print runs, and it offers a consistent product and quality is even better than offset. Every print is uniform (unlike offset book printing, digital printing does not need to balance ink and water). Editing during the process is simple and efficient. Digital printing allows for customization of an individual product. For example, a child’s book sporting that special name, or a tribute page in a family genealogy.

At Gasch Printing, our roll-fed digital web presses bring the high volume speed of offset to the ease and affordability to the digital world, they can print over 2,000 pages a minute. On the color side, we have installed a second new Canon imagePRESS7010VP digital color press. This machine delivers exceptional print quality. Our customers are very happy with the final product, and the process of digital book printing has encouraged their creativity. Choices can range from printing upon synthetic materials to working with a wide variety of color options. When it comes to the final product, digital printing ensures that the proof you see in your hand is the book that your readers will open up and enjoy. You can print as many copies as you like, and re-submit orders easily for maintaining stock. For many reasons, digital printing is the wave of the future, and the optimum path for self-publishing authors. Gasch Printing is ready to help with your next project, contact us for a quote, and cross “Print My Book” off of your list!