There’s a nasty rumor going around that the demand for traditional printing services has waned. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many industries still rely heavily on print media for various aspects of their operations and reap the benefits of professionally crafted materials that carry their message flawlessly.

Here are just a few of printing’s top customers.

Which Companies Need Printing Services?

Make no mistake, the tactile nature of printed books, catalogs, and digests holds a unique appeal and utility across various industries, and a diverse range of companies continue to rely on high-quality book printing services to meet their operational, promotional, and educational needs.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities frequently need printing services for educational materials, course books, and academic journals. High-quality digital printing is essential to ensure durability and readability for students and educators alike.

Self-publishers and Authors

With the meteoric rise of self-publishing, individual authors and small publishing houses require accessible, quality printing for their books. These customers benefit significantly from short-run printing services that allow them to print smaller quantities on demand.

Businesses for Marketing Materials

Companies across multiple sectors use digitally printed materials for marketing. This includes brochures, business reports, booklets, promotional leaflets, and annual reports. High-quality printed materials help in branding and can leave a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations often require printing services for fundraising materials, informational brochures, annual reports, and community outreach publications. These printed materials are crucial for communication, helping to spread awareness, share success stories, and mobilize support. Quality printing can significantly enhance the effectiveness of these communications, making them more engaging and professional.

Why Choose Gasch Printing?

Gasch Printing stands out as a prime candidate for all of your digital book printing needs.

  • Quality and Precision: Known for our high-quality output, Gasch uses state-of-the-art equipment, including continuous-feed inkjet and toner presses. This technology ensures that every book printed meets the highest standards of detail and clarity, which are crucial for printed materials where quality cannot be compromised.
  • Customization and Flexibility: We offer expansive customization options, which are ideal not only for self-publishers and educational institutions that often require specific formats and batch sizes but also for clients needing unique touches such as foil stamping, hinge scoring, and protective dust jackets. This versatility allows for a tailored printing experience to suit any requirement.
  • Speed and Efficiency: By leveraging advanced digital printing technology, Gasch Printing sidesteps the traditional hassles and delays associated with offset printing. Data is sent directly from a computer to a high-volume printer, significantly speeding up the production process. This efficiency means your finished books can be delivered in a matter of days, not weeks, making them a perfect partner for businesses requiring rapid turnaround times for their marketing campaigns and reports.
  • Experience and Reputation: Beyond just equipment and technology, choosing Gasch Printing means partnering with a printer who is passionate about what they do and understands the effort you put into creating your book. Our team has years of experience and a stellar reputation for producing beautiful books, distinguishing us from competitors who simply own printing equipment.


If you are serious about quality, customization, and efficiency in your printed products, Gasch Printing not only meets but exceeds the typical expectations from a digital book printer.

We understand which companies need printing services and how to best meet these diverse needs efficiently and expediently, without ever sacrificing quality.