There are many reasons to reprint your paperback book, as we have outlined below.

Reason #1: You started out with a short run book printing project. The book looks fantastic; and the inventory is no longer in your storage unit, but in the hands of book readers and book sellers. Why wait for that next inquiry and risk a lag time between the request for inventory and your delivery date? Keeping a short run print order on hand can lead to better relationships with your vendors, and in turn, your readers.
Reason #2:  Despite the old adage that you can’t tell a book by its cover, you surely can. Covers invite you to slip between the sheets. Books sell by reviews, word of mouth, author reputation, genre, and covers. When you say “print my book,” you have complete control over the cover, layout, and design. Releasing your book with a new, modern cover can re-boost sales and interest. With digital book printing, you can move easily from Word to PDF to digital book printing for an easy reprinting experience.

Reason #3:  Large Print Paperbacks: There is still a market for large print paperbacks. Even though the e-book would seem like an obvious choice for this option, not everyone who needs larger print has kept up with technology. Reprinting your paperback with large print could boost sales that have stagnated after your original release.

Reason #4:  Remarketing: Have you exhausted all of your methods in marketing your book? Using a reprint from a book as a method for additional marketing opportunities can help stimulate sales. Follow up the reprint with a Press Release, invite interviews from local news sources and author communities, and seek out new opportunities as a result of the latest activity on your book.

If you have already submitted your book to a professional printing company using an online file system, chances are, it will be very easy to reprint. If you are unsure about the location of the file or don’t have a copy, contact a representative at Gasch Printing to learn about options for reprinting your book.