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Children’s Book Printing

Children’s books are fun, engaging, and will shape a child’s learning for years to come. Gasch Printing has the experience needed for children’s book printing and binding for young children’s books and young adult books. At Gasch, we recognize the work that goes into this special type of book and offer a superior level of services to help your book come to life. There is no “one size fits all” in terms of size or layout; it is generally up to you as the author to decide. If you are still in the creative process, the customer service team at Gasch Printing is ready to help with every detail. Questions about full color vs. black and white for young adults, the number of images in the book, the type of cover and binding, and paper type will all need answered. At Gasch, we offer our expertise of over 30 years in printing to all of our customers.
Concerned about cost? Digital printing allows for small quantities, i.e. print on demand, to be printed in a cost-effective manner. For children’s books, details are of utmost importance, and an advantage of digital book printing is that it allows for continuous changes you may want to make for your book as it enters the marketplace. We recently installed the new Canon image PRESS 7010VP. This digital production machine brings unmatched color consistency and quality to our fleet of digital presses. It also brings many traditional advantages to the world of digital that can match or even exceed offset, meaning utmost professional quality for your project.
If you are comparing prices between children’s picture book printers or hardcover book printing, contact Gasch for a free quote. Once you have a quote, your book will be even closer to becoming a reality.

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