Read all about it: printed book sales are on the rise and a quality digital book printer can be very helpful.

Sales have not only improved since 2020, but they have also increased exponentially when compared to 2019 numbers. A typical boost from year to year may figure in the 3% to 4% range, experts say. The difference in backlist sales between 2019 and 2021 was a whopping 21%.

People are reading in a big way. Demand for the printed word has skyrocketed. Sales for adult fiction are again increasing (graphic novels jumped a staggering 178.5% in the first half of 2021.) Unfortunately, supply in the current climate – fueled by labor and paper shortages – has struggled to keep up.

The publishing world is rife with unpredictability. But partnering with a quality digital book printer can help authors and creators sidestep issues and challenges currently facing the industry and take full advantage of this uptick in sales.

Consider the following:

  • Cost: Offset printing is a good option if you know you will sell thousands of copies but you might need to allow several months for manufacturing due to the congested supply chain. Short-run book printing, on the other hand, has emerged as a popular alternative. Qualified printers can deliver an exquisite product at an economical price. Printers that offer roll-fed, digital web presses can now print more than 3,500 pages per minute with dazzling and expansive color options and quality.
  • Speed: High-volume inkjet or laser printers require little time for set-up and enable relatively fast production times so you can deliver books to market quickly.
  • Choice: In a time when publishers, creators, and authors may feel like matters are out of their control, quality digital book printers offer a sense of stability. Edits can be made on the fly by simply submitting a new file, while book runs can be printed to meet your precise needs, and then instantaneously reordered if stock should run low.

Gasch Printing has been creating quality books for decades, and we have experienced the industry’s ups and downs firsthand. Through it all, we have continued to deliver meticulous consistency and quality to our customers. We continue to innovate and invest in new equipment that will help us provide you with the highest quality in digital book printing. Meanwhile, our comprehensive fulfillment and distribution services, available on-site via our distribution partner BrightKey, make the process of getting good books into eager hands (and in front of eager eyes) simple, straightforward, and successful.

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