Digital printing remains the most logical – and popular – choice for short-run book printing.

The reason is simple. Digital allows for smaller quantities, controlled costs, and – at the end of the day – no stacks upon stacks of unsold product just collecting dust.

Here are five other benefits of digital short-run book printing that make it one of the most cost-effective and popular printing methods on the market today:

  • Faster turnaround: While offset printing certainly has its prestige, the process itself is incredibly time consuming, involving multiple printing plates, plate changes, and plenty of other moving parts. With digital printing, data is simply transferred from a computer file to a high-volume inkjet or laser printer. No fuss, no muss – and a faster delivery to you. When using digital methods, product is typically delivered in a matter of days, rather than weeks.
  • Savings: Because the setup for offset printing is so much more intricate, it is also more expensive – making the cost per unit significantly higher than digital for short runs of books. Digital printing, on the other hand, typically only requires a small number of pages to color correct before launching a run.
  • Versatility: Digital printing ideal for virtually any project you can imagine, from hardcover books to training guides to marketing materials and so much more.
  • Seamless quality: In book printing, consistency is the key. Using digital methods, every unit in your short-run book printing project will be of the highest quality – and completely uniform. Offset printing must balance ink and water, but digital printing does not have that hang-up.
  • Flexibility: Digital printing offers unparalleled options for authors, editors, and publishers, as it allows for changes and edits to be made in the midst of the process. It’s as easy as submitting a new file. This also means projects can be customized to include customized names or inscriptions from book to book. Additionally, customers can print as many or as few copies as needed, and easily resubmit orders when stock runs low.

Digital printing is the wave of the future, and Gasch Printing is the place for short-run book printing projects. Our roll-fed, digital web presses can print more than 3,500 pages per minute, and our digital color press delivers exceptional quality and expansive color options. Contact us for a quote today.