Don’t let the naysayers fool you: print is most certainly NOT dead.

In fact, book sales are on the rise. A familiar comfort in discomforting times? Maybe. Whatever the case, unit sales rose 8.9% in 2021 over 2020, led by the fiction category.

Along with renewed enthusiasm for the printed page, here are three additional book printing trends to keep an eye on in 2022:

  1. Digital inkjet goes big: Digital inkjet printing is not a new development for the publishing world, but it has tremendous sticking power fueled by ongoing technological advancements. Book printers that continue to innovate in tandem with this growth will be able to improve efficacy while delivering additional value to their clientele.
  2. Smaller print runs: It’s been an interesting, and complicated, couple of years. While sales are, indeed, on the rise – paper stock has been harder to come by due to supply shortages. Because of this, some publishers are tightening the reigns on inventories. In some cases, leeway can be accomplished with shorter print runs, particularly for reprints. Collaborating with a book printer who specializes in smaller print runs will continue to be a big draw this year, giving authors and publishers more opportunities for customization and publishing new editions.
  3. Print on Demand prevalence: In an ever-changing world, financial and logistical needs will likely remain in flux, making versatility a huge selling point. The ability to replenish inventory swiftly, cost-effectively, and on a whim, without sacrificing quality, should keep POD at the forefront of creative minds.

Once again, small runs and digital book printing are leading the pack when it comes to book printing trends for 2022. Make edits on the fly with just a few simple clicks, and have orders refilled instantaneously whenever stock runs low. Gasch Printing can cater to all of your book printing needs. Give us a call at 301-362-0700 to learn more.