Small-run book printing, or more commonly known as short-run book printing, is having a moment.

As mentioned in a previous blog, among so many other challenges, the pandemic contributed to a paper stock shortage, which led publishers to start reevaluating their inventories in a big way. Shorter print runs, especially for reprints, gave struggling producers some wiggle room. But it’s far from a temporary fix.

The advent of digital printing made smaller production runs feasible and – most important – affordable. And that’s not all! There are many benefits provided by small-run book printing. Here are three of the biggest:

  1. Enjoy a shorter production schedule: Do you need your books in the hands of your audience ASAP? Digital technology makes setup a cinch, eliminates the cost and time of changing press plates, and puts your book on the fast track for delivery.
  2. Create new editions. This type of book printing allows for updates and upgrades to be made whenever the situation demands. With anywhere from 100 to 500 copies on the line, businesses typically exhaust their stock before any changes are even called for. This guarantee of scalability ensures that your content will always be timely and applicable to your audience.
  3. Maximize your storage: Large print jobs that number in the tens of thousands require plenty of storage space, which could be costly for small publishing offices and lead to high obsolescence cost.

Digital small-run book printing paves the way for smaller quantities and tighter budgets while eliminating waste, and is perfect for almost any project, from directories to marketing materials to hardcover fiction and beyond.

Gasch Printing specializes in small-run book printing using state-of-the-art digital methods. Our color presses deliver optimal quality and vibrancy, and we can print up to 3,500 pages per minute. Don’t waste anymore time and contact us for a quote today.